What is the Pilot Survey of Serbian Population Health?

July 29, 2019

Serbian Population Health Survey 2019 is a national survey conducted by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health of Serbia and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia from October 1st to December 30th, 2019, in accordance with international standards (European Health Interview Survey- EHIS, wave 3).

The survey will cover about 6,000 randomly selected households in Serbia. The involved in the Survey will be adults aged 15 and over, as well as children and young people aged five to fourteen.

The main objective of the health survey is to obtain, on the basis of a representative sample of the population, a description of the health status of the population, both at the level of the Republic and at the level of four statistical regions (Vojvodina, Beograd, Sumadija and Zapadna Srbija, Juzna and Istocna Srbija).

In the essence of the Survey is the need to obtain information about how people experience their health, the extent to which they use health care and how they care for their health by adopting certain lifestyles or relying on preventive and other health services.

The Serbian Population Health Survey will use two methods of data collection:

• face-to-face interview - gathering answers to questions during the interviewer-respondent communication and

• self-completion of the questionnaire by the respondents without the participation of the interviewer.

During the Survey, basic anthropological measurements (height, body weight) and blood pressure measurements of the interviewed persons will be performed.